Money against real property

A mortgage loan is a convenient and reliable way to get a required amount of money. In case you take advantage of our offer, you will solve all your financial troubles for sure. We lend money against security of real estate both to legal and physical persons.

Any valuable real estate property owned by you could be regarded as a mortgage object.

A loan can be issued urgently against security of the following real estate items:

  • House
  • Apartment
  • Summer residence
  • Commercial real estate

Your real estate could be located anywhere within Belarus. We do not have restrictions concerning any region or settlement. In other words, if you have a house in the country against which you want to borrow, we are prepared to consider this option. Of course the most simple and fast way is borrowing against real estate in Minsk because no additional time is spent for travelling to distant places. Therefore a loan against an apartment or any other type of real estate in Minsk or Minsk area is arranged within a shorter time.

Advantages of cooperation with our company:

Maximum amount of an urgent loan against security of immovable property, both residential and commercial, is limited to 35,000 USD. In certain cases we could increase the loan sum up to 50,000 USD depending on the mortgage object, its location and loan duration.

  • Usual response time – within a day (in the presence of all the documentation).
  • Crediting Period – from 3 months up to 1 year with a possibility of prolongation of the original loan maturity.
  • Monthly interest rate starts from 2.5%.
  • We will do our best to help you with the required documentation for borrowing money against security of immovable property.
  • No guarantors nor a good credit history are demanded for issuing a loan.
    • Example: Increasing the working capital

      You are running a successful business but you need to boost the circulating assets for your business expansion. You have assets and you want to make profit of them. You can use your assets for raising a loan and we will be glad to help you with it.

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